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Accounting Firm Owners

Messy Books?

Consider it an opportunity to partner with us to offer periodic data reviews as a service to your clients.

Are your weary of working with client's
Busy business owner who needs a bookkeeper

Here's how it works

  • Your firm launches a new product offering. Call it data reviews or evaluations if you wish.

  • You begin to provide quarterly or semiannual reviews to your clients for ~$300.

  • You send projects to Prosynergy and give secure access to the client data.

  • Prosynergy technicians complete the comprehensive review and send the report.

  • Prosynergy bills you $80 per review.

  • You follow up with your client to give any advice to resolve issues they couldnt' fix.

  • Or... some other version of the above.

Rated 5 Stars on Google
google 5 star ratings
500+ Files Reviewed
QuickBooks Certified
Quickbooks Certified
Hear from our clients how we can
  1. Clean up a Quickbooks file
  2. Take a Load off Your Back

"I learned to use QuickBooks through trial and error and was mostly able to figure it out, but there were constantly things I wasn't sure I was doing correctly. That's when I reached out to Tim. Tim was super helpful and offered to resolve my problems. I now have their team reconcile my books monthly and answer any questions I have. My problems are totally resolved and I have a good feeling whenever I look at QuickBooks."

- Amber Engbretson | Urban Builders

"As the owner of three business and trying to manage over 10 employees, I can definitely say that Prosynergy has saved me so much time that I would be spending after I get home on admin, payroll, bookkeeping and categorizing expenses. It has saved me so much headache and allowed me to spend more time with my wife and family."

- Elisha Rogers | Eden Lawncare

Our Managing Team. Your Partners.

Tim Kuepfer

CEO / Client Partner

Titus Kuepfer

COO / Client Partner

Karan Rawat

Head Bookkeeper

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