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American Expats doing Bookkeeping in India

How It All Started...



Once upon a time, three young families with a love for India and its people decided to settle there for the long haul.


We longed to see a world of happiness and abundance where no one suffers. But where does a person start?


Prosynergy started with a dream about synergy.

Trust-filled synergy between small US companies with capacity problems and skilled Indian talent looking for better opportunities.

Tim Kuepfer

Tim Kuepfer

CEO / Client Partner

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Tim brings strategic leadership, vision, and networking ability. His experience in finance and consulting shaped the Prosynergy Way. He cofounded Fincastle Automotive before moving to Boston to get his Bachelor's Degree at Sattler College. He moved to India to help start Prosynergy. He loves to read and learn new things.

Titus Kuepfer

Titus Kuepfer

COO / Client Partner

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Titus brings high energy, dry humor, and lots of fun to the office. In 2018, he emptied his savings to start Eden Lawn Care. After growing the company for six years, he sold half of it and moved to India to help start Prosynergy. He's got a creative side and likes to build websites in his free time.

Karan Rawat

Karan Rawat

Head Bookkeeper

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Karan brings his bookkeeping brilliance, clear focus, and a passion for doing things right. We havn't found a data cleanup challenge too daunting for him. He has experience with Indian, Australian, and American accounting. He likes anime and cricket. He is convincing the team to eat healthier lunches.

Meet The Bookkeeping Powerhouse

What Sets Us Apart

The Prosynergy Philosophy

Prosynergy is where creative workers collaborate to build a world of happiness and abundance where no one suffers. We champion this higher purpose among all our employees, clients, and suppliers.

The following values guide everything we do:

  1. Dignity: All work is a sacred calling and All people deserve respect.

  2. Integrity: There is no shortcut to honesty, clear communication, and hard work.

  3. Creativity: Everyone can be curious, solve problems, and continuously improve.

The following two-point strategy provides our US clients with premium value:

  1. Top talent in India is much cheaper than in the US. We can pass these savings on.

  2. Your Client Partners are Americans. We work directly with you and your bookkeeper.

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